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Cable Communication DIN Keypad Energy Meter

  • Cable communication mode DIN rail mounting Single Phase Keypad Prepayment Energy Meter,is consists of DIN rail mounting Meter and CIU.Communication between MCU and CIU adopts pair Cable (Cable),Customer can conduct CIU to check data or recharge meter.
    It’s a kind of single phase keypad prepayment energy meter for civil or commercial use which is STS (Standard Transfer Specification) protocol compatible.It can accept 20 digits STS code and has been certified by STS. It has two components: MCU: Measurement and Control Unit,which can be installed outdoor, in the meter boxes …
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Product Description


  • Display unit as the separate function module will not effort the meter’s function when it lose its efficacy.
  • LCD display window, can display every meter information through operating key.
  • Separate IC card slot, can load electricity and read meter.
  • Remote communication interface, can install the place where convenient for the customers to check for the power-using information and deal with each alarm and unmoral condition timely, the longest line can reach 200 meters.
  • Power-supply by the energy meter without outer power.
  • Users can finish all the functions without touching energy meter, and the system has highly anti-temper function.

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