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DDZ1513DIN-Rail III Single phase Split Smart Prepayment Meter (Class 1) based on PLC, Cable or RF

  • Inhemeter’s DDZ1513 DIN-Rail III is new generation of advanced single-phase two wires, multi-function, Split type (keypad-based), Anti-theft, smart prepayment meter. DDZ1513 fully comply with STS standard and is suitable product for residential or commercial customers in utility companies to accomplish prepayment business process.
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Product Description

DDZ1513 DIN-Rail III has excellent anti-tamper feature like anti-bypass feature (it is measuring energy by using two sensor in phase and neutral line and record biggest one) and terminal cover open detection sensor. DDZ1513 DIN-Rail III can utilizes different communication media to CIU or Data Concentrator (for Smart Metering application) like PLC, Cable or RF based on customer requirements.


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