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IP54 Cable Rail Single phase Keypad Energy meter

  • DIN rail single phase keypad energy meter is installed as per German Industry Standard. It can be integrated meter (all-in-one) or split meter (consists of MCU and CIU). For split meter, user can operate CIU indoors to check data or recharge meter. Communication between MCU and CIU can be pair cable, power line carrier (PLC) or radio frequency (RF) , and communication protocol can be DLMS which complied with IEC62056-21 .
    DIN rail single phase keypad prepayment energy meter for civil or commercial user is STS (Standard Transfer Specification) protocol compatible. It can accept 20 digits STS code and has been certified by STS.
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Product Description

Function and Features

  • Dust and water protection standard IP54 (IEC60529)
  • Bypass Tampering detection and disconnection
  • prepayment and post payment optional
  • Reverse current can be measured as forward one or measured separately, even meter trip in excess of power limited
  • Load limit programmable locally or remotely
  • Basic living consumption guarantee
  • Special time power guarantee
  • Can be configured not cut off power during night , holidays or other special time
  • Pre-warning and warning function
  • Sound and visible alarmn Anti-tamper detection and Keep records
  • Multiple tariff : TOU& Step tariff optional
  • Protection of abnormal grid voltage
  • Load profile
  • Optical communication: Infrared, Eskom, RS-485/ RS-232, RJ11/RJ45, Cable, PLC, RF, Zigbee etc.
  • Voltage qualification rate statistics


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