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Single Phase DDZ1513-R-AX0-1B15A20 Three-wire Smart Meter (ANSI meter)

  • Inhemeter’s DDZ1513-R-AX0-1B15A20 is Single Phase three-wire multi-functions socket type smart meter based on ANSI standard. The meter is used to measure electrical energy accurately for commercial and residential customers. This meter can be utilized for prepayment (based on KWH in single tariff or Currency based on TOU) and post payment applications (selectable by utility company).
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Product Description

DDZ1513-R-AX0-1B15A20 has excellent anti-tamper feature to help utility for revenue protection. DDZ1513-R-AX0-1B15A20 can utilizes different communication media to Data Concentrator (for Smart Metering application) like PLC, Cable or RF or GPRS to Central system based on customer requirements and also for communication with CIU for entering token PLC, Cable or RF can be used..


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