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Single Phase IC Card Energy Meter (Logic Encryption IC Card)

  • INHEMETER IC card prepayment meter is an advanced energy meter that complies with increasing demand nowadays. Adopting advanced measurement technology, control technology and communication technology, INHEMETER prepayment meter can not only measure power consumption accurately but also accomplish prepayment and load control management. With assist of SMT (surface mount technology), meter enjoys an elegant shape. High-strength material is friendly to environment, and it ensures insulation and corrosion resistance of meter case.
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Product Description


  • Active energy measurement
  • IC card prepayment system
  • Specified large-scale IC adopted
  • Anti-tamper function
  • Multi-tariff available Scroll display enable users to check efficiently
  • Unique encryption technique registers meter with the exclusive IC card
  • Specified function card equipped to enable registration and maintenance
  • Short credit alarm available
  • Proofing and correcting function programmed to ensure data is correct and reliable
  • IC card transfers consumption data to work station automatically
  • Over load disconnection
  • Function IC card is ISO standard approved
  • Overdraft function ON/OFF
  • Power off memory function to ensure data last for 10 years
  • Consumption history recordable, and energy freeze function available
  • Multi interface: RS485, infrared, PLC

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