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Three Phase RF Card Energy Meter

  • Three Phase RF Card Energy Meter Three-phase Three-wire Energy Meter (CT Input) and Three-phase Four-wire Energy Meter (Direct Input) adopt the latest micro-electronic technology to measure three-phase AC active power energy with frequency 50/60Hz,meanwhile fulfill prepayment management function which means paying the expenses firstly, consuming energy afterwards as well as load control function. This series of watt-hour meter has special outside structure and exclusive function features which can suit for different requirements for power consuming.
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Product Description


  • Programmable balance credit warning limit allow users to purchase credit timely.
  • When balance credit is low or meter is overload disconnected, external warning output will inform users to purchase electricity or reduce load.
  • Options for load control:
    1) Automatic restoration mode after overload power off delay to record overload amount; the restoration time is programmable (With default setting).
    2) Overload but not disconnect, just record overload amount.
  • Automatically store meter data when power off;
  • Measure and display maximum demand;
  • Measure and display real time power;
  • Overdraft function optional (Default settings);
  • Purchase card to restore meter data in loading credit for convenience;
  • Attached with meter reading card with great capacity to allow utilities to check as required;
  • Attached with setting card, change meter card to allow utilities to register and maintain freely;
  • Big LCD screen to display accumulative energy consumption and balance credit amount clearly and vividly;
  • Meter can examine and correct data automatically to assure credibility of meter data;
  • Equipped with RS-485 to realize meter reading and relay control through communication port (Optional).

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